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Perfume Pod Clear Refillable Spray

Perfume Pod Clear Refillable Spray

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The Perfumepod is the ideal travel atomiser as it has a 65 spray capacity whilst weighing just 14g. It is less than 2cm wide and only 8.5cm long and is made with durable and scratch resistant material. Its bottle is crystal clear so it enables you to see the perfume decant whilst filling, plus you always know what’s left inside – no surprises! The Perfumepod is also shatter-proof, made without any glass, and thus can be dropped without any risk of spillage or leaks. It’s so safe, it’s even approved for air travel.

The Perfumepod benefits from the latest award winning Genie-S refill system, which is patented around the world. This technology preserves all the potency of your perfume and is guaranteed leak proof. It self-regulates the pressure to the environment (changes in altitude don’t affect the quality of your perfume) offering you a safe and reliable refillable solution! The perfumepod refills easily and quickly from most of standard perfume spray bottles without any adjustment required. Just remove the spray head from your perfume bottle, line up the base of the perfumepod with the nozzle that comes out the bottle and then pump the Pod on top of the bottle a few times and you will see the perfume fill up the Pod. Perfume goes directly from the original sealed bottle into the portable spray without exposure to air, so there is no chance of changing the scent. The best of your perfume in a portable format!

Box Contains

1 x Perfumepod atomiser available in a selection of colours. 

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